Repair & Service

Vertex Drills does Repairs and Services on Drilling Machines, Compressors and Drilling Equipment, that includes but is not limited to; Hydraulic Repairs, Engine repairs, Steel Works, Drill Rig Towers, Hydraulic Pipes, Hydraulic Fittings, Major Compressor Services, Hydraulic System Services, Hydraulic Cylinder Services and Repairs, Oil and Diesel Tanks, Drilling Machine Major Services, Compressor and Drill Rig modifications, Tower Chain, Tower Winch and cables, Valve Banks to name a few. Covering every maintenance need on your Drill Rig and Compressor.

Our highly motivated and dedicated team are devoted to uphold superior standard in workmanship and service quality, keeping the client satisfied and in the field. We use the best and most comprehensive parts and accessories that enable us to provide the most valued level of service.

Known for Fast, Reliable and Professional Repairs and Services, whether it is monthly Service or Maintenance you can trust Vertex Drills to meet your requirements.

Service and support by knowledgeable service personnel.
Contact us or visit our factory, walk in clients Welcome!

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