VX Drilling Rigs & Compressors

The VX – Drilling Machine Range all have one thing in common, MATCHLESS QUALITY!

At Vertex we do not only manufacture Drilling Machines, we take care in understanding the requirement of our clients to be able to deliver a product that can positively contribute to their Business. Although we have a with wide variety of Drilling Machines available, should you require an extraordinary Drill Rig and Drilling application we can assist you.

VX Vertex Trailer Mounted Drill Rig Machines

The VX-VERTEX Trailer Drill Machine Range is designed to ultimately reach the hard to get places with ease. The Trailer Drill Rig is light weight and can be towed or transported easily.

With a variety of selections on the VX Trailer Drilling Machines, towers that includes drill rod options ranging from 2 – 6m drill rods and a drilling depth of up to 300m with the choice of a 3, 4 or 6 Cylinder Power pack Engine.

Having ultimate confidence in completing a project, is what the VX Trailer Drill range offers!

VX Vertex Pole Rock Drill Rig Machines Truck Mounted

The VX – VERTEX POLE ROCK DRILL RIG MACHINE is designed with safety, manoeuvrability and production in mind. The Rock Drill is manufactured with an on board Compressor to improve manoeuvrability of the machine between holes. As well as an on board Operators control panel where the operator can safely sit and operate the machine. It was also taken into account that the operator’s panel must be positioned so that the operator has a clear view of the on-going drilling operation. With a power full hydraulic system this drilling machine will not shy away from hard Rock surfaces but instead prove its worth.

VX Vertex Dual Purpose Truck Mounted Drilling Machine

The VX – VERTEX DUAL PURPOSE TRUCK MOUNTED DRILLING MACHINE can be used for Pole Rock Drilling as well as Water Borehole Drilling applications. This machine offers the best of both, fitted with a Hydraulic Drop Mast Tower the VX – Dual purpose truck mounted drilling machine can alternate between the two applications with ease. Different Tower strokes and other custom options are also available in this model.

VX Vertex Water Borehole Drill Rig Machines Truck Mounted

The VX – VERTEX WATER BOREHOLE DRILL RIG MACHINES is a series of Drill Rigs ranging from Towers operating with 4 to 6m drill rods, with a variety of drilling depth capacities. The Drill Machines has Built in Diesel, Oil and Tool Storage Boxes with Hydraulic operated outrigger Jacks. Well laid out operators control panels, that makes it easily operated. Because we understand the necessity, we take care and use only distinctive quality hydraulic components in all our Rigs for power full Hydraulic systems. Drill Rigs can also be fitted with a Hydraulic operated Drop Mast and Casing Clamp that allows the Tower to move up or down during the operation of installing casing and Odex projects. With a variety of choices to suit every client’s requirement, every Drill Machine we manufacture carries a personal resemblance of the client’s needs in their business.


Air Compressors & VX Trailers

We Supply, Mount and Distribute High Pressure Diesel Air Compressors for Drilling Machine purposes. Mounting options of skid Compressors includes, Compressor Trailers with build in Diesel Tanks, Truck mounted or mounting of Compressors on board the Drilling machine as a unit.

Should the client be in need for any other equipment Trailers, we also manufacture Equipment flat deck trailers for Casing or Drill Rod transportation as well as Diesel or Water Trailers.

We also do Repairs, Services, Maintenances and Custom Rebuilds on all Drill Rig Machines and Compressors.

Drill Rig Drilling Equipment & Drill Rig Parts

We are honoured and proud to say that we have a in house manufacturing with regards to Drilling Rig Equipment, Parts and accessories that includes but is not limited to; Tower Rod Load Boxes, Manual Drill Rod Carousel, Hydraulic operated Rod Load System, Casing Deck Load Boxes, Airbox Bearing Box, Sub Savers, Drill Hammers, Drill Bits, Drill Rods, Clay Cutters, Hammer Spanners, Sub Savers, Hydraulic Creeper Spanners, Hydraulic Tower Drop Masts and much more Drilling tools. Custom design and manufacture of Part, Equipment or accessories also available as per clients order.

Repairs, Service, Maintenances and Custom Rebuilds on all Drill Machines and Compressors.

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